About AtYoga

For as long as I can remember every time I missed a call, event or social engagement it was always because I was ‘at’yoga. My now grown up daughter recalls that she was constantly telling people ‘my mum is at yoga’. Everytime we needed to organise a date, you’ve guessed it… we always had to check if I was ‘at’Yoga and whenever we check the family calendar to organize holidays and days out we always go through the process of eliminating the dates when I am ‘at’yoga.


Definition of the word ‘at’

  • Expressing position or arrival in a particular place or position

  • Expressing placement in time and space


I think of asana as the conscious movement of the body in time and space; it is the journey of movement through time and space towards a particular place or position, although never a fixed or finite ‘final destination’. 

I have come across several translations of the word Atman (Sanskrit for Soul) who highlight ‘At’ as meaning ‘breathing’ or ‘breathed’.  And so, this is how AtYoga came to life,

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