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The Feet are our Roots

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Feet define humans as bipedal gravitating and connecting us to the earth; the roots of a kinetic chain of joints through ankles to shoulders, with 26 bones and 32 joints the potential range of motion in the feet is incredible.

Foot structure comprises 3 arches; medial arch inner foot, lateral arch outer foot and the transverse arch across the top of the foot. The arches interconnect forming a strong and flexible matrix, joining the 3 points of the arches forms a pyramid giving a 3-dimensional element. Feet distribute the full weight of the body with 50% going directly through the heel bone (Calcaneus) one of the smallest yet strongest bones in the body. The 26 bones of the feet fit together like jigsaw pieces secured by a complex webbing of connective tissue; giving the feet adaptability, flexibility and tensegrity.

Feet are a reservoir of energy or Prana, Reflexology map the whole body on the feet connecting specific reflex points to organs and body parts. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognise many important pressure points on the feet including a point called 'Gushing Spring of Wellness'. The stomach, spleen, kidneys, gall bladder and bladder Nadis or Meridians (energy channels) start in the feet; all important organs of elimination and removal of toxins.

The feet are important and deserve attention, any misalignment or imbalance in the feet determines our overall postural habits. How we organise ourselves on our feet determines how we are organising our entire bodies on and around the skeleton.

Explore your feet in practice, spend several minutes with Pada Bandha, sensing and feeling the effects of subtle pressure applied resonating in your body. Lifting toes in asana feeling the upward energy in the whole asana, lower toes and feel the grounded energy in the asana. When applied mindfully and intentionally, Pada Bandha provides a foundation for 'sensing' and re-programming skeletal habits, whilst also tapping into and setting free an incredible resource and abundance of vital subtle energy.

Being mindful of the feet in practice will lead to mindful awareness of standing on the feet correctly in daily life, as it embeds as a positive habit you will naturally self correct and adjust cultivating a lighter, more refined and energy efficient posture and asana experience.


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